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Diver Below Float & Flag (Large)

-Available with Red & white dive flag or Blue & white Alpha flag. -Center compartment for storage of items -High visibility yellow

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Aqualung ZUMA Travel BCD


The fun, travel-friendly Zuma will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BC has everything you need, yet lacks weight and bulk. Once you lift it, you’ll feel for yourself that a size ML/LG weighs less than 2.2kg (4.75 lbs), with the airway and weight pockets included!

Colors: Midnight/Black and Midnight/Pink

Aqualung BCD Sizing Chart.  Please make use of the Link below in order to determine your proper size.


  • Extremely lightweight to help eliminate those dreaded excess baggage fees. A size ML/LG weighs less than 2.2kg (4.75 lbs).
  • Great packability – flat or rolled. The ZUMA fits nicely, along with the rest of your dive kit into the Aqua Lung Departure carry-on bag
  • Innovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack. The tank band has been lowered to integrate with the waistband. A valve strap pulls the top of the cylinder in towards your center of gravity. This relieves the shoulders and transfers the load to the hips. The bottom line is proper fit, comfort and stability. Be sure to try one on with a cylinder.
  • SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented) – provides a safe, single-pull release. Inserting weight is as simple as insert and “click”. With SureLock, your weights are secure in the BC. Once engaged, the only way to release the weight is to pull on the handle.
  • Only 4 sizes are all that’s needed to cover from XXS to XXL
  • A bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation. This keeps unit streamlined and reduces drag.
  • An adjustable chest strap can be raised or lowered on a rail system. Set it for your personal comfort
  • Proprietary flat valves mean are streamlined, eliminating drag
  • The fold-down, easy-access pocket is perfect for a small flashlight or a fish I.D. slate
  • Features 4 D-rings to attach all of your accessories.
  • Lower right pull dump is perfect for head first descents or cruising on a horizontal plane.
  • Sculpted padded shoulders for comfort
  • Padded spine and lumbar support for comfort and stability
  • Optional non-ditch weight pockets that mount on the tank band, p/n 427085, can be purchased separately.
  • Other options include the Airsource, Squeeze lock knife and reflector kit
  • Knife attachment points are found on the left lobe which will accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives. This location provides easy access to the knife.
  • Right shoulder pull dump provides an additional dumping option.
  • Rolled neck collar prevents abrasion on the neck


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Sherwood AVID CQR3 BCD

*Sale applies to In-Stock Items only. Currently, available sizes include XS, SM, and XL.  Indicate size preference in the COMMENTS section of the CHECKOUT process.*

The New AVID CQR3 features an updated weight release system providing more convenience and ease when installing and removing the pockets. The redesigned styling of the traditional jacket-style AVID maintains its respected functionality, comfort and dependability. The AVID CQR3 is a natural progression in Sherwood's forward-moving product development.

This jacket-style BC wraps air completely around you for easy floating. When fully inflated, the 3-D air cell and the suspension strap system combines to create a stable and secure fit that is designed to eliminate squeeze BC is equipped with six convenient, stainless steel D-rings to attach your gear and zippered utility side pockets for additional scuba accessories. A convenient utility pocket with Velcro closure sized to carry the AKONA Safety Tube (SKU: AKNST). A removable and adjustable sternum strap for a complete fit and an easy to operate oral and power inflator makes buoyancy control a snap when diving.

Three dump valves strategically located at the left and right shoulders with a third on the lower left of the air cell make dumping air a breeze. The right and lower dump/overpressure relief valves have pull dump handles for quick access. The third valve is integrated to the top of the power inflator and is activate by a cable running down the corrugated power inflator hose. The Avid CQR 3 BCD is available in 7 sizes from XS to 3XL with a lift capacity of 20 to 36 lbs (9 to 16.3 kg) The air cell is man ufactured with durable and heavy-duty 1000 Denier that is urethane laminated for air tight integrity.

The X-Small and Small can accommodate 16 lbs (7.26 kg) of releasable weight and 10 lbs (4.5 kg) of non-releasable weight. The Medium, Large and X-Large accommodate 20 lbs (9 kg) of releasable weight and 10 lbs (4.5 kg) of non-releasable weight, while the 2 and 3 X-Large accommodate 26 lbs (11.8 kg) of releasable weight and 10 lbs (4.5 kg) of non-releasable weight. The Avid BCD comes equipped with a Low Pressure Hose; Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

The Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Advanced Diver, Beginner, Divemaster, Recreational Diver among others. The Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD: Comfortable, Durable, Easily Adjustable, Lots Of Features.

Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD Specifications

Bc Body
Jacket Style
Buoyancy Bag
Xs: 20 Lbs (9 Kg), Sm: 25 Lbs (11.3 Kg), Md: 29 Lbs (13 Kg), Lg: 32 Lbs (14.5 Kg), Xl, 2Xl & 3Xl: 36 Lbs (16.3 Kg)
3 Dump/Overpressure Relief
2 Zippered, 1 Velcro
Shoulder Straps
Torso Adjustable
Stainless Steel Rings
Yes, 6
Waist Strap
Adjustable Cummerbund With Waist Webbing
Chest Buckle
Adjustable Removable Sternum Strap
Oral Inflator
Sherwood Power Inflator
1000 Denier Nylon With Urethane Laminate
Weight Integrated
Weight Capacity
Releasable: Xs & Sm: 16 Lbs (7.26 Kg), Releasable Lg & Xl: 20 Lbs (9 Kg), Releasable 2 & 3 Xl: 26 Lbs (11.8 Kg), Non-Releasable All: 10 Lbs (4.5 Kg)
Weight [with packaging]
10.05 lb
Available in the Following Sizes:
2X-Large, 3X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

Sherwood BCD Size Chart

  X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
Height (in) up to 5'0" 5'1"-5'4" 5'4"-5'8" 5'8"-6'1" 5'9"-6'2" 5'9"-6'2"+ 5'9"-6'2"+
Weight (lbs) up to 115 120-145 140-175 170-210 205-240 235-270 265+

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Akona Large Snorkeling Bag

Snorkel Bags just got turned upside down!

These new Snorkel Bags from AKONA are more
functional than ever! We have literally turned these
bags upside down. In previous models the blade
portion of the fin needed to be inserted into a smaller
section of the bag. NO LONGER. We have turned
the bag upside down and now the fin foot pocket
is inserted into a larger opening in the bag. A much
better design. Also, the mask box is now a functional
part of the bag as opposed to some bolt-on box
on the outside. There is also a zippered pocket specifically
for a snorkel and your NEW AKONA Towel
that comes included with the bag. These new designs
also combine new cosmetics that make them
very bold and stand out among the masses!
The new design is ready to go snorkeling!

*Three separate compartments for Fins, Mask, and Snorkel
*Comes standard with AKONA Beach Towel
*Snorkel compartment comes with room to carry other accessories like wallet, keys, and towel.

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