Dive Instructors

  George Mueller
George is a PADI Staff Instructor and owner of the Diving Center. George is also certified GUE Cave 1, cave diver.
  Neil Fisher
Neil is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. He began diving 1985, he became a PADI Open Water Instructor 1989. He has dove extensively around the world, Scotland and the Azores are his most recent trips.

Geoff JohnsonGeoff has been diving since 2000, in 2003 he became a PADI Dive Master, and in 2005 he certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
  Joanne Mueller
Joanne started diving in 1992 became a PADI instructor in 1998. She worked as a Dive Master in Australia and travelled the South Pacific, the Caribbean and the west coast of Canada.
  Dwight Dubowski
Dwight has been a PADI Open Water Instructor since 1998. Dwight has experienced both cold & warm water diving but he prefers cold water.
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  Cory Belyk
Cory began diving in 2006, in 2009 Cory completed his PADI Instructor course. He has dove internationally.
  Sheldon Funk
Sheldon started diving in 2000 and completed his Instructor's in Fall 2013
  Scott Beck
Scott started diving in 2009. He completed his Dive Master in 2012 and his PADI Instructor course during the Fall of 2013.
  Brad Nelson
Brad started diving in 2000 and completed his PADI Instructor during the fall of 2013.
  Gilles Turcotte
Gilles started diving in 2005 and completed his Dive Master in 2013.
  Scott Prodahl
Scott has extensive experience diving in the Philippines where he was a dive guide. In September of 2013 he finished his Instructor course.