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Aqua Lung SPG with Thermometer

Pressure Gauge The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display. *IMAGE SHOWS BAR,GAUGE IS IN PSI* Easy-to-read scale up to 5,000 PSI / 350 bar rated Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light Integrated temperatu..

Poseidon Cirrus SPG - Black - BAR

High performance pressure gages with a traditional design. PRESSURE GAUGE IN BLACK Our pressure gauge in a new design, with black display and fluorescent numbers. Displays air pressure in BAR ..

Poseidon Cirrus SPG - Yellow - PSI

High performance pressure gages with a traditional design. CIRRUS PRESSURE GAUGE WITH HOSE The traditional looking Cirrius Pressure Gauge Hose in a bright yellow color. This 4350 psi pressure gauge is a small model that will not be in the way during the dive. Made of robust metal and packed wit..

ScubaPro 3 Gauge InLine Console

An Economical 3-Gauge Combo This affordable new three-gauge console includes a compact, plastic-case pressure gauge, an easy-to-read depth gauge and FS-1.5 compass. This is the perfect combo for the diver who values convenience, accuracy and style at an attractive price. Technical Informatio..

Suunto CB Two in-line 4000 w/ ZOOP

COMBO CONSOLE WITH PRESSURE GAUGE AND ZOOP DIVE COMPUTER The Suunto Combo Console CB - Two-In-Line allows you to create a personal console according to your own specific needs. You can mount depth gauges by using the CB-In-Line Boot. You can also mount dive compasses to the front or back. ..

XS Scuba 2 Gauge Combo Console

Front Side Depth gauge (p/n GP02) - 200 foot maximum or 60 meter maximum - Air filled, steel diaphragm construction - Maximum depth indicator needle - Luminescent gauge face Submersible pressure gauge (p/n GP01)   - 0 to 5000 psi or 0 to 420 bar - Highly accurate, Bourdon ..

Suunto Analog  3 Gauge Console

The SUUNTO analog gauges have outstanding accuracy and durability. The gauges are phosphorescent and easy-to-read. The depth gauge has a maximum depth indicator. It has a zero in feature for the traveler. ..

Suunto SK8 compass
Suunto SK8 compass

High quality liquid-filled dive compass SK-8, the latest edition of Suunto’s leading dive compass, delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability. Both northern and southern hemisphere models can be used over a wider area of the globe thanks to ..

Halcyon Stage SPG
Halcyon Stage SPG

It's just what you would expect in a DIR SPG: 2" low tech, reliable, and accurate. The classic heavy-duty brass housing and tempered glass lens will stand up to any environment, while the easy-to-read gauge face can be ordered with either BAR (0-300) or PSI (0-5000) markings. ..

Uwatec Digital Depth Gauge Classic

- A very practical instrument that incorporates state- of-the-art microchip technology and combines several basic dive instruments into this compact information center. - Includes precision digital depth gauge dive time and thermometer. Displays actual and maximum depth (up to 330ft.), dive time and..

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto SK7 Compass

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto SK7 Compass A replacement “boot” or Mount for the Popular Suunto SK7 Compass. Long the favorite of serious divers, the SK7 compass will still operate even when tilted off level. The factory boot is not a favorite however, hard to don, and toooo tall. T..

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Uwatec Digital Bottom Timers

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Uwatec Digital Bottom Timers,DIGITAL 330m A replacement “boot” or Mount for the Popular Uwatec Digital Bottom Timers & DIGITAL 330m Depth Gauge. These “Hockey Puck” style bottom timers are sold under several names, OMS, ScubaPro etc. This replacement mount is..

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto Computers

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto computers This replacement mount is lower profile, and is designed to accept 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord. Bungee Cord mounted gauges are far easier to don than Buckled straps, and are depth compensating. BUNGEE CORD AND COMPUTER NOT INCLUD..

Mini Tech Gauge
Mini Tech Gauge

Twice as big – a thousand times easier to read 1.0” diameter gauge face 220º range of needle movement for improved accuracy Viton o-rings for oxygen compatibility Mount to HP port or HP hose w/ included adapter Available in psi or bar Air spool included for hose mount Over-pressure relief built in f..

Bungee Ready Mount for Oceanic / Aeris / Sherwood compasses

modules commonly furnished WITH AERIS XR, SHERWOOD 2006 and later years, 2006 Wisdom, Wisdom 2 and OCEANIC VEO models ONLY. These modules are often referred to as SuperTilt or MaxTilt. This replacement mount is lower profile, and is designed to accept 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord. Bungee..

Liquivision Xen
Liquivision Xen

Features: READABLE: The Xen features a full color OLED screen, with an angled display, and huge fonts. The colors are fully user-configurable and the font shape and size was designed with input from physicians. ERGONOMIC: The Xen is compact and shaped to fit your wrist, with an angled screen to opti..

Liquivision PC Interface

Features Compatible with both Windows and Mac-OSX Allows downloading of your dive logs to your computer Allows updating/upgrading of your Xen or Xeo software Wireless/optical interface with Xen/Xeo Mini-USB cable included ..

Liquivision Extra Battery kit for Xen

Not Exactly as Shown The Liquivision Xen and Xeo use ER14335M lithium 3.6V batteries. Only ER14335M batteries are authorized for use with your Xen or Xeo. ER14335 batteries (no M) are NOT compatible. Only the batteries contained in Liquivision battery packs can be guaranteed to perform to Liquivisi..

Suunto Orca-Pioneer Compass

A compact compass for kayaks, canoes and small boats with several mounting possibilities. The hands-free compass. Suunto attachable compasses are particularly handy, when both hands are needed to get past the next challenge. -Operable in low light with luminescent card -Rugged construction Availa..

Halcyon Standard SPG

Halcyon pressure gauges are as reliable as they are accurate. We start with industrial-strength spring designed for pressures beyond 5,000psi (400BAR), high-quality materials, and a highly visible, luminescent face make this a common favorite among divers in all environments. Pick from our Standard ..

ScubaPro Dual Pressure Gauge

New compact, all-metal analogue pressure gauge. Its dual-bar/PSI scale makes it ideal for traveling divers and resorts with international clientele. Shows Imperial andmetric units simultaneously Compact pressure gauge (0-400)bar, (0-6000)psi Ø 48 mm / 2.1" with brass case Red zone between (50 an..