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Aqua Lung i450T Black Version
Aqua Lung i450 Black Series The i450T is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new places.  The black version features an emhamced black matte coating on key components that no only looks gr..

Aqua Lung i550 Dive Computer Console
The i550 is defined by its rugged, straightforward approach in an easy-to-use console. The i550 is an easy-to-use, rugged and versatile dive computer perfect for both new and seasoned divers alike. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of features, including gas integration, Nitrox and Gauge modes,..

Aqualung I300 Dive Computer
Regualr $359.99 Sale $339.99     Introducing the NEW for 2016 Aqua Lung i300 dive computer. The i300’s uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world. This dive computer comes with 3 operating modes: Dive, Gauge (with run timer), a..

AQUALUNG i450T Dive Computer
The i450T is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new places. Designed for the active diver and the travel diver, the i450T has flexibility and intuition packed into an attractive design. Its fe..

Shearwater Perdix
THIS COMPUTER DOES NOT SUPPORT WIRELESS AIR INTEGRATION.  TO UTILIZE THIS FEATURE, SEE THE SHEARWATER PERDIX AI MODEL IN OUR 'COMPUTERS' SECTION.   Divers can still count on Shearwater’s simple, intuitive user interface, the large, easy to read display, and even longer battery life u..

Shearwater Perdix AI
THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD AND PRICED AS COMPUTER ONLY.  THE AI SENDING UNIT IS SOLD AND PRICED SEPERATELY AND IS LISTED IN OUR 'COMPUTERS' SECTION. Designed with the recreational diver in mind the new Shearwater Perdix AI offers all of the same great featuers and functionality of the a..

Shearwater Perdix AI SENDING UNIT
This wireless transmitter pairs with the Shearwater Perdix AI dive computer in order to provide a hose-free read out on air pressure to the diver by way of the Dive Computer screen.  The Perdix AI is capable of pairing and monitoring  tank pressure data from more than one sending unit. ..

Suunto CB Two in-line 4000 w/ ZOOP
COMBO CONSOLE WITH PRESSURE GAUGE AND ZOOP DIVE COMPUTER The Suunto Combo Console CB - Two-In-Line allows you to create a personal console according to your own specific needs. You can mount depth gauges by using the CB-In-Line Boot. You can also mount dive compasses to the front or back. ..

Suunto D4i NOVO
THE GREAT ALL-ROUNDER The redesigned Suunto D4i comes in a range of fresh colors and with an all-new soft, comfortable silicone strap for that perfect fit. Lightweight and packed with handy features like freedive mode and optional wireless air integration, it’s got everything you need – where..

Suunto D9 Dive Computer
Description The worlds first All-in-one dive computer Suunto D9 is the worlds first dive computer to integrate a digital compass and wireless tank data reception. Underwater a diver must monitor several gauges to receive the crucial information about the dive: depth, time, tank pressure..

Suunto Zoop NOVO
Make diving simple Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big, super-bright backlit display, all you need to do i..
$419.99 $359.99

Suunto D6
Find your bearings with the advanced, gas-switching Suunto D6. This gas-switching, multi-mode, decompression dive computer with integrated digital compass will take your diving to the next level. Product Features -Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes -Gas switching (2 mixes 21-99%) -Complete decompression st..

VR3 Monochrome screen w/ C4-C
The VR computers are the most up to date computers on the market. They are truly dive computers for the 21st century, interactive tools which meet the needs and match the lifestyle of those of you who are used to the advantages of mobile phones and PDAs in your surface existence and want similar tec..

Suunto Vyper Air
The Vyper Air includes Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes and gas switching. For divers using enriched air, the Suunto Vyper Air can be programmed in one percent increments for nitrox mixtures between 21 and 100 percent oxygen. Divers can also adjust oxygen partial pressure between 0.5 and 1.6 in 0.1 unit ..

Momentum M1 Deep 6 Rubber
Deep 6 Rubber The “over sized” dive watch at the affordable price. The dial design and huge “exploding date” ensure unmatched legibility, while the subtly-shaped case and offset crown permit the Deep 6 Family to offer unparalleled comfort in a 47.5mm case.   Features Offset screw-do..

Oceanic B.U.D.
Sale $269.99 Set it and forget it. The B.U.D. is a long overdue idea and a great way to ensure that you never have to miss a dive. Clip it off or stow it in a pocket and forget about it. B.U.D. is a universal backup dive computer that uses Dual Algorithm technology allowing you to adust your dive co..

Liquivision Kaon Computer
For years, recreational divers have been asking us for a computer that would deliver trademark Liquivision features - readability, intuitive tap-navigation and compact size - with a simpler feature set and price point designed to meet their needs. The new Kaon does just that... and it is about to re..

Shearwater Petrel 2
Multiple Decompression Algorithms Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors User Adjustable Conservatism Open Circuit, 5 Gases Closed Circuit, 5 Gases Optional VPM-B Gauge Mode Simple Yet Advanced User Interface 2 Button Push OC Bailout Colour Coded Warnings Simple to Use Adaptive Menus Automatic Scree..

Liquivision Lynx
The only dive computer that combines the exceptional readability of an OLED screen with wireless air integration and our intuitive patented menu-based tap navigation. It is all you ever wanted, all you ever needed and more: Allows up to 3 gases (air and nitrox 21-100%) Monitoring of air supply and l..

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2
The Cobalt 2 is the newest release of our new generation of dive computers that are easy to use, easy to read and totally intuitive. The Cobalt 2 features a newer more powerful microprocessor, faster compass response and new user options such as auto screen brightness. User selectable gas switches a..