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Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets (Pair)

Halcyon trim weight pockets slide over the tank cam bands to provide secure locations to place additional weight. By placing them close to the wing and backplate, they provide a useful means of both helping adjust your trim, if necessary, as well as adding needed ballast. Pro tip: include a pair ..

Halcyon Weighted Bellows Pocket

The weighted bellows pocket combines the features of the Halcyon bellows pocket with the utility of someplace to place weight needed ballast. Specifications: -Attaches to harness strap. -Rigid design allows tucking of a long hose at the diver's hip. -Constructed from 1000 denier nylon,..

Innovative Scuba Concepts 60" Weight Belt

60" of webbing provides a great fit for most! Can be trimmed to the divers preference. Available with a sturdy plastic Delrin buckle or stainless steel buckle. Belt is a standard 2" width. ..

Innovative Scuba Concepts Cordura Zippered Weight Belt

Extremely heavy duty zipper and cordura construction. Includes unique "slip-guard" neoprene strip sewn to back of the belt to help keep weight belt in place and color coded tabs. Available in 4 pocket (20 pound), 5 pocket (25 pound), 6 pocket (30 pound), 7 pocket (35 pound) and 8 pocket (40 pound) s..

Lead V-Weight

V-weights can help improve trim and reduce back pain while diving by moving weight from your hips to the centre of your back. Available in uncoated 7lb and 10lb sizes. ..

XS Scuba Ankle Weights

XS Scuba's Ankle weights are constructed from RynoHyde neoprene and filled with hardened #5 round shot. They feature an adjustable nylon trap with quick-release Nexus buckles for an excellent fit. Ankle weights are a great way to add intensity to an in water workout or to adjust tr..

XS Scuba Lead Shot Soft Weight Pouches

Just like the hard weights, XS Scuba's soft mesh weights are manufactured from lead that has been reclaimed from car batteries. The reclaimed lead is melted down and supplemented with small amounts of other elements to enhance its properties. This new alloy is then used to create #5 lead shot. The s..

XS Scuba Weight Bag

This is a Heaby Duty bag with durable cordura and drainage that is ideal for carrying about your assortment of lead weights, to and from the peir.  No more chunks of lead rolling about whilly nilly in the back of a vehicle or inside another duffel bag, damaging gear with every bounce. ..

Halcyon ACB 10 lb Pockets

*Want to add some colour to your equipment? Halcyon gear is highly modular and customisable. ACB Pockets are available in -Aqua, -Pink Camo, -Green Camo, -Florescent Green, -Purple, -Urban Camo, -Shocking Pink, -Blue Camo for an additional cost. Contact The Diving Center by Phone, Email, or on Faceb..

Block lead
Block lead

Avalible in 2, 3, 5, & 8 lbs blocks sold by the lb.  The baseline cost is $3.49 per lb and charges are tallied as such regardless of which block size is selected. Aka, three, five pound blocks will cost the same as five, three pound blocks. ..