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Halcyon ABC 10 lb Pockets

Side release buckle prevents accidental weight loss and allows the diver or dive buddy to quickly release and/or replace part or all of their ballast as the need requires. – Popular with instructors who are sensitive to the complete loss of a diver’s weight and who resist integrated weights that pre..

Halcyon Weighted Bellows Pocket

Halcyon pockets add a critical level of functionality to your wet or dry suit, allowing readily accessible storage of utility and emergency items. Our heavy-duty pockets provide plenty of room for your spare Halcyon mask, your Stainless Steel bolt snaps, your favorite Defender spools, or any dive ac..

XS Scuba Weight Bag

This is a Heaby Duty bag with durable cordura and drainage that is ideal for carrying about your assortment of lead weights, to and from the peir.  No more chunks of lead rolling about whilly nilly in the back of a vehicle or inside another duffel bag, damaging gear with every bounce. ..

HALCYON Trim Weight Pockets (pair)

Shifting weight from a diver's waist toward their center, such as with a stainless Halcyon Backplate or trim weight system, facilitates horizontal diver trim and reduces drag. Up to five pounds of weight can be attached to your tank with each streamlined trim weight pocket. ..

Block lead
Block lead

Avalible in 2, 3, 5, & 8 lbs blocks sold by the lb.  The baseline cost is $3.49 per lb and charges are tallied as such regardless of which block size is selected. Aka, three, five pound blocks will cost the same as five, three pound blocks. ..

Weight Belts
Weight Belts

Available with either plastic or metal buckles. Plastic – $16.00 Metal - $18.00 ..

XS Scuba Ankle Weights

- Filled with hardened #8 round shot - RynoHyde™ neoprene cover for durability - Adjustable nylon strap with buckle - Sold in pairs only ..

Cordura Zippered Weight Belt

Extremely heavy duty zipper and cordura construction. Includes unique "slip-guard" neoprene strip sewn to back of the belt to help keep weight belt in place and color coded tabs. Available in 4 pocket (20 pound), 5 pocket (25 pound), 6 pocket (30 pound), 7 pocket (35 pound) and 8 pocket (40 pound) s..

Lead shot weight pouches

#5 Hardened, round shot Heavy-duty nylon mesh bags Double needle stitching Colored labels for quick size identification Available in 1-5 pound shot bags.   ..