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Innovative Snorkel Vests

SNORKEL VESTS Popular snorkel vests are constructed of durable, industry standard 210 denier urethane coated nylon. All have safety whistles, crotch straps, screw down oral inflators, and they come in 3 sizes (Kids, Adult, XL). Each style is available with standard plastic inflator valve or opti..


Fluorescent orange torpedo buoy with rings for fastening items. Maximum glide and reduced friction. Furnished with dual carabiner. • Height: 23 cm • Height + flag: 50 cm • Circumference: 170 cm • Line: 25 m. ..

Halcyon Surface Marker

Halcyon's series of Diver Alert Markers provide maximum visibility and redundant flotation at the surface Open water divers should always carry a marker buoy they can send up in the event of separation from buddy, primary group, or boat 3ft ..

Diver Below Float & Flag (Large)

-Available with Red & white dive flag or Blue & white Alpha flag. -Center compartment for storage of items -High visibility yellow ..

Dive Float w/Flag (Small)

-Excellent stability in rough water while towing -Be seen by boats -Increase your visibility -Easy to carry in your dive bag -Easy to inflate -Large “Diver Below” displayed on side -Complete with: 12" x 15" flag Towline attachment ring ..

Dive Flag
Dive Flag

Size 16x14 Inches.  ..

XS Scuba Safety Tube

6' long x 9" circumference Rolls compact to 5" x 3" Includes mesh bag with snap clip SS grommet at top to attach light Clip to attach to diver when inflated Easy to use oral inflator.  Packs away into a small size that is easily stored in a BCD pocket. Made by XS Scuba. ..

Highland 10ft Surface Marker

Sale $85.00 on in store stock only BIG – 10’ long with 22” circumference Large enough to greatly enhance diver visibility yet compact enough to carry easily 75# surface lift Baffled bottom for anti-spill inflation Oral inflator for surface deployment OPV – overpressure relief valve Three bands of 3M..

Innovative Scuba Torpedo Buoy

Constructed of sturdy nylon and TPU fabric, the Torpedo Buoy is built for minimum drag in the water. The Torpedo Buoy measures 33" x 10" inflated and features four D-ring attachment points, oral inflator, flag, separate "add water" pocket for additional ballast and 60' of high visibility nylon line ..

Dive Alert SMB LED

The DiveAlert SMB.LED (surface marker buoy) features Closed-Circuit (one-way valve) construction, which prevents air spill at the surface. Inflate on the surface to attract visual attention or redundant flotation. Inflate at depth to send up as a surface marker and illuminate at night. Six waterproo..

Halcyon 80lbs Lift Bag

Lift devices are essential for a range of diving activities from salvage and signaling to redundant lift and emergency flotation. Whether used as diving tools or life support devices, you can always rely on the quality of a Halcyon lift bag. The Halcyon Closed-Circuit lift bag provides the most reli..