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Faber Steel 133cf

The Faber Steel 133cf tank is a favourite amongst cold waters divers looking for more air to allow for deeper, longer dives as well as taking some weight out of their BCD's.  Faber tanks have been the forefront of diving cylinders for years.  Comes with XS-Scuba  valve and tank boot. ..

Halcyon Stage Bottle Rigging Kit

This simple but elegant solution provides a reliable and streamlined solution for stage or deco bottles. The Halcyon stage kit includes everything you need to configure your single cylinder for technical or overhead diving. Specifications: -Two 1" stainless bolt snaps -Stainless cylinder ..

Luxfer Aluminium 13cf

The Luxfer 13cf tank is a common pony bottle for divers who favor to dive with a little extra security, smaller yet than the 19cf it is perfect for those who need something smaller.  Comes with XS-Scuba valve. ..

Luxfer Aluminium 19cf

The Luxfer 19cf tank is perfect for those looking for a little extra peice of mind while diving, a favourite amongst divers looking for a pony bottle due to its smaller size but still able to carry a respectable amount of gas.  Comes with XS-Scuba valve. ..

Luxfer Aluminium 30cf

The Luxfer aluminium 30 if the tank of choice for divers who require a pony bottles for deeper dives.  Comes with XS-Scuba valve. ..

Luxfer Aluminium 6cf

The Luxfer 6cf is a favourite for divers who require a seperate drysuit inflation botle.  Comes with XS-Scuba valve. ..

Spare Air 3000 - 3.0 Kit

About Spare-Air 3000 3.0 Kit, Yellow Having a safety back-up air supply has many advantages over a standard alternate air source. The most obvious is that it is a separate air supply and allows self rescue in an emergency out of air situation. We are taught to stay with our buddy so that in case ..



Luxfer Aluminium 80ALcf

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders, offers the broadest range of aluminum composite scuba cylinders, providing divers with high-performance service in waters around the globe. The Luxfer Advantage - Proprietary 6061 alloy, a balanced alumin..

Luxfer Aluminium 40cf

The 40 CF aluminum cylinder is the popular cylinder choice for recreational and technical divers who need deco gas capability. The Luxfer 40 CF cylinder has the buoyancy characteristics perfect for this task.  Comes with XS-Scuba Valve. ..

Stage Bottle Strap Kit

Includes: (2) 4" Jumbo stainless steel bolt snaps (1) 1" Wide nylon webbing handle 2200 lbs. tensile strength (1) 11" piece of clear plastic tubing to create a comfortable carry handle (1) Marine grade stainless steel cylinder clamp (1) Nylon tube webbing to cover cylinder clamp (1) Rugged 2" wide e..

Dive Rite Deluxe Hose Retainer

Keep regulator hoses lying flat and avoid kinking with our Deluxe Hose Retainers. Our wide, 4-inch (10 cm) retainer band is made of a proprietary, stretch material used in bandages. The material holds up to salt water and dries quickly. Silicone strips on the inside of the band grip the tank and kee..