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Aqua Sphere Aqua-X Training Core Belt

Transform any pool or body of water into a “liquid gym” with Aqua-X gear for water based high-intensity interval training.  Aqua Sphere's Aqua-x Training Core Belt is a flotation belt used to provide stability during cardiovascular exercise and core strengthening.   Features: -Art..

Aqua Sphere Pursuit Triathlon Wetsuit

The Pursuit gives you durability and comfort with  super stretch, SCS-Coated Yamamoto 38 neoprene and  improved panel shapes. The Bio-Stretch Zone provides maximum flexibility and reach right where you need it. Be confident during your race. -Made of 4mm Yamamoto 38 neoprene for buoya..

Aqua Sphere Racer Triathlon Wetsuit

The Racer combines the flexibility and buoyancy needed in a top performing wetsuit. Our unique Bio-Stretch Zone provides an uninhibited range of motion and our 4mm lower back panel ensures your body is streamlined for maximum efficiency. Bio-Stretch Zone: Strategically placed 2mm panels (under ar..

Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer

Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer turns any backyard pool into a lap pool. Comfortable Neoprene straps with hook-and-loop closures connect to your feet and ankles to allow you perpetually swim in a fixed position. Super flexible elastic bands allow for full kicking motion. The Stationary Swimmer is gre..

Aqua Sphere Swimmers Dry Towel

Aqua Sphere's ultra absorbent microfiber swimmers towel will dry you off in a flash! The towel itself is also ultra fast drying so you can say goodbye to lugging around a soggy towel after your swim. Features: -Requires no special treatment - this towel can be tossed in the wash like any other..

Arena Elite Finger Paddle

The Arena Elite Finger Paddle is designed to help swimmers improve the catch phase of their stroke. These paddles leave the palm exposed increasing stroke feedback. The small size of the paddles greatly reduces the risk of shoulder injuries compaired to traditional full paddles. One size f..

Finis 3X-300M Stopwatch

The Finis 3X-300M Stopwatch allows the user to take 300 splits and review both cumulative and lap splits on a three-line LCD display. Easy-to-read running times, current lap time and cumulative splits.   Features -Split Timing Stopwatch: Allows for 300 splits and review of both cumul..

Finis Dryland Cords

The Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles. Attaching to an anchor point, the Dryland Cords simulate swimming movements out of the water to improve strength and range of motion. The Dryland Cords are appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities, and come in t..

Finis Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

The Duo is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. The Duo utilizes a sleek, two-piece design and Bone Conduction audio transmission to deliver crystal clear audio through cheekbones to the inner ear. An integrated clip design ..

Finis Edge Fins

Edge fins are designed to improve technique and give your legs a real workout. It takes power to push these fins through the water, which results in building strength and endurance. The side rails on the fin activate your hips and quadriceps – enforcing a proper kick that starts at your hips  a..

Finis Floating Agility Paddles

The Agility Paddles are designed to provide swimmers with instant stroke feedback – even after just one lap! Now made in a new floating material that is great for all swimmers, from learn-to-swim to triathletes. The strapless design fits the natural contour of your hand and teaches you to apply posi..

Finis Freestyler Paddles

Specifically designed for freestyle training, the Freestyler Hand Paddles plane the hand forward through the water, improving reach and distance-per-stroke. With a long fin shape and unique skeg design, the Freestyler Hand Paddles promote a strong pull through, better hip-rotation and increased effi..

Finis Shockwave Goggles

The Finis Shockwave Goggles use curved polycarbonate lenses that provide optimal viewing in both indoor and outdoor environments. The curved lenses provide a wider angle of vision, while also wrapping comfortably around the face. The Shockwave Goggle comes with a silicone split-strap that is threade..

Finis Surge Goggles

The Finis Surge Goggle is designed for Open Water and Triathlon training. Its polarized polycarbonate lens provides optimum clarity while reducing eye strain. 99% of vertical glare is removed and the lens includes both UVA and UVB protection along with an anti-fog treatment. The wide curved lens red..

Finis Swimsense Live Fitness Tracker

The Swimsense Live is a waterproof fitness-tracking device that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. Designed to help all swimmers, from beginner to elite, optimize time spent in the water. The Swimsense Live is engineered to capture stroke count, tota..

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is a small, waterproof device easily secures beneath a swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Adjustable tempo offers the ability to identify and maintain an ideal pace. Now with the option to replace the battery, the Tempo Trainer Pro will last multiple lifet..

Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers

With its short blade, the Z2 Gold Zoomers fin encourages shorter and faster kicks while experiencing propulsion through the water. The comfortable fit of natural rubber creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion. The fluid separator on top of the fin allows the foot to easily slice thro..

Finis Zoomers Gold

The Zoomers® Gold fins provide an improved foot pocket formulated from soft natural rubber for increased comfort. The short blade encourages shorter, faster kicks for additional propulsion through the water. The Zoomers® Gold Fins are an ideal training fin for cardiovascular conditioning and speed..


Very versatile and perfect for all levels of fitness the Aqua Sphere Swim Gloves can be used for swimming or aquatic fitness activities to tone 7 strengthen arms and shoulders. Neoprene construction is comfortable, durable and quick drying For use in shallow or deep water Webbed fingers pr..

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

Updated with a 20% bigger design, the TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is the perfect choice for hauling swim and workout gear. The Big Mesh Mummy Backpack features a spacious main compartment for storage and mesh venting for increased dry time and drainage. Over the shoulder straps allow for easy tr..


Engineered for swimmers on all levels, our Kickboard is the perfect training aid for swim training and aquatic exercise routines. Designed to build leg strength, the LKB immobilizes the arms and isolates the legs so your body works harder with every kick. Built to last, our Kick Board is constructed..


Know no boundaries in TYR Corrective Optical Adult Goggles. Featuring wide angle, optical grade, polycarbonate lenses in corrective diopters (-2.0 through -8.0), the LGOPT acts as an alternative to contacts and provides athletes with crystal clear vision while they train. In addition, a universal..

TYR Long Hair Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Caps

The Long Hair Wrinkle-Free Silicone Cap gives new meaning to the mantra “Long hair, don’t care!” The swim caps unique asymmetric design effortlessly accommodates long hair, while reducing pressure around the head. There is also an improved contour cut around the ears. Constructed with 100% si..

TYR Multi Silicone Swim Caps

If you're going to say something, say it loud and clear with TYR Swim Caps. Engineered to provide protection from damaging chlorine and increase speed, the Multi Silicone Swim Cap is more than just a fashion statement. Designed with a precision fit for reduced drag and tear resistance, our Swim..

TYR Stryker Silicone Fins

Train hard, train smart with TYR Stryker Silicone Fins. Engineered to promote short, quick movement through the legs and the feet, the LFSTRKR fins help swimmers to create the natural flow of a flutter kick. With a 100% silicone construction and state-of-the-art comfort fit, the Stryker prevents ..


Take your swim training to the next level with the TYR Ultralite Snorkel 2.0. Designed for focused body alignment training, the LSNRKL2 includes a hydrodynamic tube shape for fast movement through the water and greater stability overall. Simple and secure release buttons on the back of the strap ..

Soft Silicon Ear Plugs

Engineered for swimmers on all levels, the Soft Silicone ear plugs can be molded to accommodate different ear sizes and are designed to create a secure tight seal that prevents water from entering the ears. Sold as a set of 4 the LEP Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs include a TYR carrying case for ea..

TYR Catalys Hand Paddles

Invented by World Record Masters swimmer and former ASU coaching great Ron Johnson, the Catalyst™ helps improve stroke technique while building strength. Its patented keyhole design helps distribute pressure more evenly while improving water feel and reducing shoulder stress. Constructed of lightwei..

Finis Swimmer's Snorkel

The Swimmer's Snorkel allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath. Allowing for a full range of motion this tool can be used for all strokes. Relax in the water and maintain body alignment to improve stroke efficiency. FEATURE..