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Hollis H-160
  DEMO MODEL 2999.99  Comes with free tag line and course This new innovative DPV sets the standard for tow behind vehicles. With 60lbs / 22.6kg of thrust and a depth rating of 656ft / 200m the H-160 is the DPV of choice. With removable trim weights you have the perfect trim for salt..

Bladefish 5000 Turbo
    CLEARANCE TWO BLADEFISH 5000 TURBO FOR $999.99  THESE UNITS ARE SOLD AS A PAIR, COMES WITH ONE CHARGER.  The NEW BladeFish 5000 Turbo Sea Scooter is our top of the line dive propulsion vehicle for scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers. The 4 speed BladeFish 5000 T..