Signaling Devices
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Halcyon Closed Circuit Diver's Alert Marker

Halcyon Diver Alert Markers provide maximum visibility and redundant flotation to support diving safety and peace of mind. Marker buoys are essential safety equipment in the event of separation from the dive team or surface vessel.   Specifications: -Easily inflated at depth -D..

Halcyon Closed Circuit Lift Bag 80lb Lift

Halcyon life support markers and lift devices are an essential part of any diver’s equipment. Whether relaying your position to a topside crew or indicating separation from a dive buddy and/or boat, our range of high-quality surface markers are a crucial addition to your diving equipment. Halcyon li..

Rattle Stick With Clip

Give it a shake to get your buddies attention Nice and loud underwater sound Built-in attachment clip Cap with magnet to prevent unwanted sound Dimensions: 5.5” x 1”  (14 x 2.5 cm) ..

XS Scuba Safety Tube

6' long x 9" circumference Rolls compact to 5" x 3" Includes mesh bag with snap clip SS grommet at top to attach light Clip to attach to diver when inflated Easy to use oral inflator.  Packs away into a small size that is easily stored in a BCD pocket. Made by XS Scuba. ..

Highland 10ft Surface Marker

Sale $85.00 on in store stock only BIG – 10’ long with 22” circumference Large enough to greatly enhance diver visibility yet compact enough to carry easily 75# surface lift Baffled bottom for anti-spill inflation Oral inflator for surface deployment OPV – overpressure relief valve Three bands of 3M..

Aqua Maraca
Aqua Maraca

Audible Over 30 Feet Away Lightweight and Compact An Essential Dive Tool Ultrasonically Welded ABS Polymer Easy & Convenient to Use Simple & Affordable Made in the U.S.A. Lifetime Warranty ..

Dye Marker
Dye Marker

This 300' rated waterproof container contains enough dye marker to be provide a highly visible, fluorescent, environmentally friendly, "dye slick" that last for 30 minutes helping aircraft locate the lost diver. Current, wind and wave action will affect the shape and duration of the pattern. 300' Ra..

Nautilus Life Line

$349.99 All new firmware update in 2020, Radio and GPS, comes with carrier pouch Size & Weight Weight 9.88 Oz (280 g) Dimensions 2.6" w x 5.72" h x 1.8" d Power & Battery Supply Voltage 3.7V DC Battery Capacity 1850 mAh Li-on Maximum RF Power 1.85 Watts + 0dB / -3.5dB Average Operating..

Dive Alert SMB LED

The DiveAlert SMB.LED (surface marker buoy) features Closed-Circuit (one-way valve) construction, which prevents air spill at the surface. Inflate on the surface to attract visual attention or redundant flotation. Inflate at depth to send up as a surface marker and illuminate at night. Six waterproo..