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Auro Dri Ear Water-Drying Aid Liquid

Auro-Dri Ear Drying Aid is safe, fast, and effective in relieving water-clogged ears. Use Auro-Dri® Ear Drying Aid to dry water in the ears and relieve water-clogged ears after swimming, diving, showering, bathing, or washing your hair. ..

FogKicker Dive Mask Antifog

The FogKicker for scuba & snorkel masks and swimming goggles. 1. Single coating can prevent fog for multiple dives and swims 2. 10x more water resistant than any other anti-fog on the market 3. Natural, paper based materials and biodegradable 4. Coats on clear and non-irritating &..

Frog Spit Defog

Frog Spit is a premium, multi-use, anti-fog specifically designed to applied and let dry. Evenly spreading a single drop on each lens surface is all that’s required to provide long lasting anti-fog protection. Frog Spit’s crystal clear eco friendly formula is safe, water soluble and biodegradable. F..

Gear Aid Aqua Seal

Repair all types of gear failures with Aquaseal FD. It’s a clear, waterproof urethane adhesive that comes in a handy 0.75 oz tube. After it cures, it becomes a flexible, rubber glue that is ideal for fixing outdoor gear that’s in constant motion. It also offers excellent abrasion resistance. So, whe..

Gear Aid Revivex Instant Waterproofing

Need a quick solution to waterproofing? Simply spray it and other outdoor gear with Revivex Instant Water Repellent to immediately create a protective barrier against water, oil and stains. Use it on nylon tents, jackets, boots, hats, and backpacks as an easy, multipurpose waterproofing treatment. F..

Hawaiian Sol Natural Icy Relief Gel


Hawaiian Sol Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 Reef Friendly


Reef Safe Biodegradable Mask Defogger & Cleaner

Mask Defogger & Cleaner Biodegradable Non-toxic to sealife pH balanced for the eyes Helps keep your mask clean and clear. Removes impurities while helping extend the life of your mask. Does not irritate eyes. Will not harm or scrtach plastic lenses. Also works great on swimming and ski goggles. ..

Reef Safe Biodegradeable Apparel Cleaner & Conditioner


Reef Safe Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF30


Reef Safe Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF50


Reef Safe Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen SPF 50 (Spray)


Reef Safe Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen SPF30 (Spray)


Safe Sea SPF 40 Sunscreen & Jellyfish Sting Protection

About the Product Safe Sea lotion provides durable waterproof sting and sun protection. Prevent the stings of most jellyfish (including Atlantic Box jellyfish and Rhopilema) Prevent the stings of Sea Nettle and Seabathers Eruption (commonly known as sea lice). It is PABA-free and non-c..

Reef Safe Burn Cooler

Enriched with Aloe Vera "L", Lidocaine and Allantoin Provides maximum relief from the discomfort associated with sunburns, jellyfish stings, minor burns, scrapes and insect bites. Helps cool and soothe pain for instant relief, while rehydrating your skin’s natural nutrients lost by exposure to sunli..


Low-strength preparations (0.5% or 1%) are used without a prescription for the temporary relief of minor skin irritations, itching, and rashes caused by eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and jewelry...

Gear Aid Sea Buff

Before diving and snorkeling, clean masks with Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner. Cleaning dive masks is a recommended step prior to anti-fog treatment. Sea Buff’s quick-clean formula removes the silicone residue on new glass dive mask lenses. For older gear, it takes care of dirt, sunscreens, and algae that can..

Gear Aid Sea Drops

When snorkeling or diving, clear vision is a must. A quick application of Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Cleaner removes grime from lenses and prevents fog – providing crystal-clear view underwater. The alcohol-free, concentrated formula works in warm or cold waters and will not harm silicone or rubber supp..

Akona Spray Anti-Fog

1 oz. bottle of AKONA AntiFog Mask Defog. This solution effectively cleans your mask and keeps it from fogging up while you are snorkeling or scuba diving. ..

Gear Aid AquaSeal + Neo Contact Cement

Wetsuit repair is simple and quick with Aquaseal NEO. Previously known as Seal Cement, this black contact cement is formulated to permanently bond with neoprene and other coated materials. With this flexible liquid adhesive, repairing neoprene gear can be done within half an hour. Apply to waterproo..

Trident Mustache Sealant

Helps prevent mask leaks Great for use on mustaches, wrinkles and dimples Easy to apply 0.15 Ounce size ..