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Innovative Scuba Concepts 20" Lionfish Pole Spear

Constructed from ½ " coated fiberglass, this little polespear packs a punch! The small size makes this spear incredibly easy to dive with and will stay out of your way until needed. Great for hunting lionfish and other small to mid-sized fish. Uses 6mm spear points. ..

JBL 3-Piece Aluminum Travel Polespear

Big things come in small packages.  JBL travel polespears pack light and are ready for adventure.  They’re made from 6063 aircraft grade aluminum and feature a tapered front section and precision machined thread unions.  The result is a polespear that’s responsive, hydrodynamic, and..

JBL Abaco 6' Composite Polespear

Named after the Abaco Islands in The Bahamas.  This polespear was designed to do one thing: put dinner on the table.  Its built from the ground up to be stiff, light, and pack a punch!  Its composite body provides minimal flex under load, allowing you to focus on the hunt.  Wheth..

JBL Aluminum Polespear Series

For over 40 years JBL aluminum polespears have been the go-to choice for groms and spearing enthusiasts alike.  Our one-piece polespears are drawn aircraft grade aluminum and annealed for extra rigidity.  The end result is a polespear that delivers maximum energy transfer with virtually no..

JBL Carbine Series

Don’t let the price tag fool you, the Carbine series delivers more bang for your buck than anything in its class. Just like its bigger brothers, Carbines are constructed of aerospace grade aluminum and feature high-strength stainless steel shafts and triggers. They’re powered by 1⁄2” Nitro Bands and..

JBL Explorer Series Spearguns

If you’re looking for a speargun that’s big on performance and more than capable of putting fish on the grill, the Explorer is for you. Explorer series spearguns pack quality features like an over engineered stainless steel sear, heat treated steel spearshaft, and ergonomic handle onto a compact 1 1..

JBL Magnum Series Spearguns

*New 2nd Generation* Travel anywhere in the world and you will find JBL spearguns in the hands of hardcore shooters. But don't let that make you think that these guns are only for the pros, if you can point you can shoot a fish!   Magnum Series Features: -1 1/8″ overbuilt aircraft..

JBL Nitro Bands - Black Standard or Black/Amber Tubing

*The drop-down menu lists our most popular bands, if youre looking for a JBL band not listed here please contact us and we can source it for you!* Through extensive research JBL has developed a proprietary latex formula that delivers unparalleled modulus strength.  Its called Nitro Rubber.&n..

JBL Nitro Bands - Pole Spear Slings

*The drop-down menu lists our most popular bands, if you're looking for a JBL band not listed here please contact us and we can source it for you!* -635 - 32" X 3/8" Band Assembly JBL Polespear for Breakdown Polespears 2D72, 2D80 -D6100 - 32" X 3/8" Band Assembly for One Piece Polespears D84, D7..

JBL Woody Elite Series

The Woody Elite Series was designed to be accurate, powerful, and silent.  At the heart of each Elite speargun lies the revolutionary M10 trigger system. An industry first. Its proprietary 3 piece design utilizes compound leverage and 1⁄4” stainless components.  These overbuilt qualities m..

JBL Woody Magnum Series

Point, shoot, eat.  It’s about that easy if you’re shooting a Woody Magnum Speargun.  Each solid African Mahogany blank is hand chosen for straightness and grain pattern.  These select pieces are then CNC machined for precision component fitment.  The end result: A speargun that ..


Outer barrel: aluminum allow cylinder, diameter 40 mm • Muzzle: in light alloy with larger holes to optimize water drainage • Handle: ergonomic and functional, made of a single material • Barrel: 13-mm in diameter, making it possible to use 8-mm shafts • Characteristics: Wide range of sizes, from 30..


Fluorescent orange torpedo buoy with rings for fastening items. Maximum glide and reduced friction. Furnished with dual carabiner. • Height: 23 cm • Height + flag: 50 cm • Circumference: 170 cm • Line: 25 m. ..

Innovative Scuba Concepts 6 Prong Terminator Tip

Ultimate holding power – You won't lose your fish with 6 barbed prongs. All Innovative Scuba Concepts tips have 6mm threads and will fit onto either their E.L.F. tool or their 20” & 28” pole spear.  ..

JBL Spearheads

*Our best selling JBL Spearheads.* *Looking for a JBL Spearhead not listed here? Send us a message and we'll special order the tip you need!* 825 - Single Barb Rock Point This multi-purpose stainless steel spearhead features a single barb design that is well suited for small to medium fish. I..

Mares Clever Loader

A multi-functional loader for shafts fitted with spear tips or multiprongs, featuring barbs for unscrewing the valve cover cap. Can be inserted in loader seat opening in the handles. The long version of the Clever loader that allows the user to load long-length pneumatic spearguns safely and easily...

Mares Green Camo 30 Gloves - XS Only

Perfect for petite hands, these gloves are the perfect balance between warmth and mobility. Made of 3mm neoprene with reinforced anti-slip pads on the palms and fingers. ..

Mares Power Loader for Pneumatic Spearguns

The Mares Power Loader replaces your pneumatic speargun's manual injector, saving you time and energy, and ensuring that your gun is properly pressurised. Having your speargun properly pressurised helps your gun function its best The Power Loader connects to a scuba cylinder with r..

Beuchat Mundial Backpack 2

The Beuchat Mundial 2 Backpack can haul all your spearfishing gear including fins up to 100cm long! It even has an insulated front pocket for snack, drinks or fish. Designed to hold spearfishing equipment, including: suit, long fins (up to 100cm), mask, snorkel, belt, and knife. Fe..

Innovative Scuba Concepts 15" Florida Fish Stringer

This fish stinger is constructed of heavy guage stainless steel and is made in the USA. All tips have dull points and won’t put a hole in your wet suit or dry suit. The 15" Florida stringer is made from 1/4” steel and is big enough for 4 large fish or 15-20 small fish. ..

Innovative Scuba Concepts Dive Float and Flag

Be seen and stay safe! Perfect for divers and spearfishers, this float is easy to inflate and deflate and packs down nicely for storage in your gear bag. The float's large base ensures excellent stability. Comes complete with towline attachment ring and flag. Buoy is approximately 14" high when infl..

JBL Backpack
JBL Backpack
$144.99 $99.99

This backpack’s killer looks and smart functionality are a result of its creation by former Oakley designers. Butterfly pockets hold mask, gloves and other gear while acting as a cinch strap for binding spear gun and fins secure to the body, keeping the perfect balanced center of gravity. Constructe..

JBL Gun Bag
JBL Gun Bag
$249.99 $99.99

Traveling with spearguns just became a lot easier. The same former Oakley design team that developed our other dive luggage created this marvel and it shows. An internal slot allows for 1” PVC tube to fit securely to hold your shafts and act as an extra level of defense against the airport monkeys. ..

Mares Mini Sten

The Mares STEN Pneumatic Spear gun uses processes and materials that are the result of thousands of hours of research. These techniques are backed up with the assurance that every part of your Mares STEN Pneumatic Speargun was manufactured in the Mares facility in Rapallo, Italy. This means reliabil..

Mares Lazio Spear Tip

This spear tip is made with durable, tempered stainless steel. It has a rustproof tip and an aerodynamic design to travel fast through the water and cause minimal tear in the target. Two barbs at opposite ends assist in making sure you retain your catch.  Application: Small to m..

Mares Medi Sten

The name Sten is known all around the world. This pneumatic speargun is universally appreciated by all spearfishermen for its accuracy, power, and reliability. 13-mm internal barrel. Ergonomic grip, hydrodynamic muzzle. When used with 8-mm diameter shafts, it will meet the needs of fishermen looking..