JBL Aluminum Polespear Series - $70.99

JBL Aluminum Polespear Series

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For over 40 years JBL aluminum polespears have been the go-to choice for groms and spearing enthusiasts alike.  Our one-piece polespears are drawn aircraft grade aluminum and annealed for extra rigidity.  The end result is a polespear that delivers maximum energy transfer with virtually no flex.  We machine-swage each spear for enhanced hydrodynamics and penetrating power.  This provides greater speed with minimal water disruption.  Each polespear has a textured finish that provides increased grip and reduced hand fatigue.  These polespears are feature packed and cost less than what you’d spend at a fish market.  It’s never been easier to start spearfishing.

-6061 aircraft grade aluminum construction
-6mm spearhead threads
-Textured finish
-Machine swaged tapered front
-High modulus adjustable Nitro Band
-Made in America

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