Dive Alert SMB LED - $119.99

Dive Alert SMB LED
Dive Alert SMB LED


The DiveAlert SMB.LED (surface marker buoy) features Closed-Circuit (one-way valve) construction, which prevents air spill at the surface. Inflate on the surface to attract visual attention or redundant flotation. Inflate at depth to send up as a surface marker and illuminate at night. Six waterproof LED lamps powered by a twist on (2) AAA battery power supply. Solas reflective tape (Coast Guard approved) across the top of the SMB creates better visibility day and night. An Over-Pressure Valve (OPV) prevents bursting and easy air dumping. 65 inches long x 8 inches wide = approximately 40 lbs. of lift. Nylon strap handle on top allows for easy attachment of light or slate. 400 Denier polyurethane coated nylon material. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Made of 400 Denier polyurethane coated nylon, this SMB will last dive after dive without issue. The nylon strap on the top allows for attachment of a light or slate. INFLATOR VALVE Inflation of the SMB can be done in any circumstance. You can inflate the SMB with your BC inflator hose, by mouth, or by a second stage regulator. LED's With a twist of the switch, the six LED's clearly mark your location to the dive operators or other boaters on any night dive.

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