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XS Scuba Apnos
Apnos, the Greek word meaning, “without breathing”, is our newest entry into the world of apnea divi..
XS Scuba Cargo Snorkel
Hate having a snorkel hanging from your mask on a dive; does it get in the way when you are in a wre..
XS Scuba Flex Beanie
Flex Beanie Control hair and prevent mask strap buckle tangles Quick & easy mask sea..
XS Scuba Fusion
Advanced technology allows side windows to be bonded directly to the front glass creating a panorami..
XS Scuba Fusion Purge
This mask is XS Scuba's popular Fusion Mask with the addition of a purge valve in the nose pocket. ..
XS Scuba Gauge Reader
What? Your arm is not long enough to read your gauges? Then you need a Gauge Reader Mask, the origin..
XS Scuba Goby
-Perfect for kids and smaller faces -Comfortable, crystal silicone skirt -Double feather edged sea..
XS Scuba Hypos Freediving Fins
The Hypos freediving fins are ideal for novice to intermediate freedivers and those taking their fir..
XS Scuba Merge 3
Frameless masks continue to surge in sales and popularity because they are lighter weight and so str..
XS Scuba Metro
The XS Scuba Metro Mask, the mask that fits almost everyone! Compatable with prescription lenses! -..
XS Scuba Metro Corrective Lenses
Corrective Mask Lenses These lenses may be ordered on their own and installed by the owner of a m..
XS Scuba Seaside Deluxe Mesh Bag
Full size mesh backpack Holds a complete set of diving equipment Tough polyester mesh with th..
$79.99 $69.99
XS SCUBA Sedona Dry Stuff Sack
Keep your stuff dry while sticking to your budget with XS Scuba's Sedona Dry Stuff Sacks. Clear Wate..
XS Scuba Stalker
The Stalker masks are a favorite among freedivers and spearos. This two lens mask is available in a ..
XS Scuba Weight Bag
This is a Heaby Duty bag with durable cordura and drainage that is ideal for carrying about your ass..
XS Scuba Turtle Fins
    A classic favourite. -XL size with the foot pocket of a large Jet and the bla..
XS Scuba Ankle Weights
- Filled with hardened #8 round shot - RynoHyde™ neoprene cover for durability - Adjustable nylon st..
XS Scuba Safety Tube
6' long x 9" circumference Rolls compact to 5" x 3" Includes mesh bag with snap clip SS grommet at t..
- 100ft - Spools are manufactured from 316 grade SS - #24 international orange nylon 16 strand lin..