Aqua Lung Seaflare Mini LED Pack


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Reveal the colors of the deep with a SEAFLARE dive light. Even at shallow depths warm colors are filtered by the water and the underwater scenery can often look just blue or green. Even during daylight diving you can enhance your underwater experience by enjoying marine life’s true colors; what you thought was only blue and green becomes visible in red and yellow when you shine a light on it.

See and be seen by other divers in the dark, thanks to Aqualung’s “colour ID beam deflectors.” SEAFLARE users can add a blue, yellow, pink or glacier color beam deflector to your light beam. You won’t be mistaken for another diver ever again. The silicone, glow-in-the-dark color beam deflectors are collapsible and help to reduce the “light pollution” so you can focus on what you want to see – without blinding others.


900 Lumen

3 hours in HIGH, 4 hours at MEDIUM, 10 hours at LOW

IPX8 water-resistant down to 150 m depth

Anodized finishing and a hardened glass lens to protect your dive light from corrosion, abrasion and scratches

Large ON/OFF titanium button for easy and durable operation and quick mode changing (3 levels of intensity)

Steady light beam thanks to a power supply regulation system

4 interchangeable color ID beam deflectors, accessories included with every SEAFLARE dive light (Blue, Glacier, Pink and Tropic Yellow) – show your favourite color and use it to be recognized at night

Reliable thick glove-friendly comfo lanyard: no risk of losing your dive light thanks to its practical opening system & corrosion free springless cord

Can be used both underwater and on land as a standard torchlight thanks to its electronic temperature regulation system

Safe high-end batteries to protect you from overheating risks

Reverse polarity protection to keep your dive light working even if the battery has accidentally been installed the wrong way

USB charger with digital display to monitor charging progress, amp power and percentage level

Spare O-rings included

2 year warranty

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