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Fitted properly, Doc’s Proplugs help divers equalize, reduces ear squeeze, helps prevent outer ear and inner ear infection, vertigo and thermal reaction. Doc’s Proplugs can prevent swimmers ear, allowing a small amount of water in the ear canal, keeping ears warm and preventing the flushing of water in and out of the ear.
Equalization with Doc’s Proplugs: Doc’s Proplugs are used by divers who have trouble equalizing. Unlike other earplugs which are solid and would not be recommended for diving, Proplugs are vented to allow equalization. While the small vent allows equalization to occur it does not allow debris to enter and it prevents earwax from washing out which exposes delicate ear tissue. Proplugs keep ears warm by storing the head’s conductive heat; the warmth provided by the plugs drastically reduces the risk of thermal shock. Due to surface tension the vented plug also reduces abrupt pressure changes from reaching the sensitive eardrum which contributes to easier equalization. Clear ears often to allow air to escape through the Proplugs vent and allow for better equalization.
Proplugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear.  Proper usage will help keep you in the water. Proplugs arent just for diving, with consistent use they help prevent future ear problems such as:
• Swimmer’s Ear (infection)
• Surfer’s Ear (bony growth)
• Water-skier’s Ear (ruptured eardrum)
• Musician’s Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)

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