Ear Pro Protective Spray


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Ear Pro coats the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer ensuring that water leaves your ear canal after water exposure reducing risk of outer ear infections from trapped water. Ear Pro is the ultimate defense – easy and quick to use, no impact on hearing, equalization or balance. It’s the no-brainer prevention aid for all those who participate in water activities.

Ear Pro is made up of just two simple and well researched ingredients: Medical Grade Mineral Oil and Organic Oregano Oil. The advantages of mineral oil over plant-based oil is its superior hydrophobic properties (water repellent). Mineral oil is a large molecule which attaches to the outer layer of skin but is not absorbed by it. Another advantage of mineral oil over plant-based oils is the fact that it does not spoil. Oils such as olive oil or avocado oil have a very short shelf life. Your typical olive oil will have a 12 to 18 month shelf life.

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