Finis Bolt Swim Goggles


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The Bolt Goggles are designed with silicone eye gaskets to provide a watertight seal to create the most comfortable competitive goggle. Designed to be worn in both practice and competition, the adjustable split-strap distributes pressure evenly around the head. The Bolt goggles come with three interchangeable nosepieces and an adjustable strap for a universal fit.


LOW PROFILE LENSES: Designed for competition and fused with the frame to reduce drag and increase speed in every swim

SILICONE EYE GASKET: Provides added comfort and a watertight seal to make every lap distraction free

DUAL SILICONE STRAP: Distributes pressure evenly around the head to increase comfort and decreases distractions during practice or competition

THREE NOSE PIECES FOR CUSTOM FIT: Interchangeable nose pieces will allow any swimmer to get their preferred comfortable fit

ANTI-FOG, UV PROTECTION POLYCARBONATE LENSES: Ensure your eyes can see through the goggles at any time and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays

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