Oceanco Air Buddy Alternate Air Source


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The Air Buddy is a lightweight, low-profile, nitrox-compatible, and economical alternative to a traditional second stage octo. This makes the Air Buddy a great fit for those who like to travel and don’t like paying baggage overage fees, or those who like to try something different! Asides from being used as an octo the Air Buddy is also a very convenient way to fill lift bags. The Air Buddy is available in two configurations, mounted to your BCD inflator hose or at the end of an octo hose as a traditional second stage would be.
When we say lightweight and low-profile, just how lightweight and low-profile are we talking? The Air Buddy weighs just 30 grams, is 6 centimetres long, 3 cm wide, and 1.5 cm in height making it just bigger than the hose it hangs from! Compare that with a more traditional second stage octo typically weighing around 200 grams, and is close to 10x10x10 cm!
The Air Buddy is simple to use, “Just bite and breathe!” But it does require some familiarisation before use. Because of this, when the Air Buddy is used in an out of air situation the diver donates their primary and breathes off their Air Buddy.

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm


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Air Buddy Original, Air Buddy with BCD Hose Attachment (+$100.00)