Pro Viton 40 Piece O-Ring Kit


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The Pro Viton O-Ring Kit includes an assortment of Viton o-rings commonly used on regulators, cameras, tank valves, dive lights, pressure gauges, air hoses, and more. Kit includes a variety of o-rings in sizes 003, 007, 010, 011, 014, 017, 020, 030, 112, 114, 118, 124, 210, 214. Check with equipment manufacturers for durometer before use.

O-Rings on a scuba tank create an air tight seal bet ween the scuba tank valve and the first stage of a scuba regulator. Viton (a trade name for Fluorocarbon rubber) has better chemical and temperature resistance than nitrile o-rings. Viton O -rings are 02 Compatible, while nitrile o-rings are not.

O-rings will naturally degrade with use, age, or due to exposure to sunlight and salt air. It is advisable to keep several fresh ones with you in a dive kit. You never know when your tanks o-ring may need replacement.

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