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The Santi Magic Rings set is an innovative system of rings and dry glove assembly for the drysuit which provides maximum comfort for divers – before, during and after the dive. Magic Rings are a multifunctional tool, so by buying one product a diver receives several different great solutions.

Even if a diver has a system that does not require the use of rings, Magic Rings will be a very useful tool in many diving situations, such as self-repair of a damaged seal, assembly of a dry glove with a seal or facilitation of putting on a glove with an integrated seal.

Set contains:

  • two rubber protective rings
  • two small oval rings
  • two big oval rings
  • two red o-rings
  • two big black o-rings
  • two grey o-rings
  • two yellow o-rings
  • two small black o-rings

Magic Rings are multi-functional. It’s a one set but a number of different applications. Find out how fast and easy it is to use different parts of the Magic Rings set.

· Small rings:
Oval shape allows easy putting through a hand by the ring.
The flexibility gives freedom and comfort.
Crush ressistant

· Large rings:
Oval shape allows free use.
Crush ressistant.

Rubber rings:
They are flexible and protect the wristseals, gloves other rings and O-rings from damages.
O-rings were designed in four sizes and colors, what additionally help to distinguish them and to know their function.

· Large black O-rings:
They prevent too deep imposition of the glove.

· Red O-rings:
They are used for the assembly of gloves on the large rings in application n° 6.

· Yellow O-rings:
They function as a ring sealing.
Dedicated to the thick wristseals (HD type) and assembly of the dry gloves (n° 6).

· Gray O-rings:
They function as a ring sealing.
Dedicated to thin wristseals and assembly of the dry gloves (n° 6).

· Small black O-rings:
Placed inside of the central indentation of the small oval ring (in all rin all application, except n°5, as in this application only large ring is used.

It improves the sealing of the wristseal mounted on the ring or glove.

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