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The compact SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost Photo-Video light is a powerful photo, video, and dive light that replenishes lost colors underwater by combining red and white light frequencies for a balanced, warm effect. With a simple one-button push, you can switch from a brilliant 5000 lumen to brilliant 5000 lumen beam to the Color Boost feature, which adds warmth by using the light’s proprietary red LED’s to a warm color temperature of 3700 Kelvin. Brightness output can also be adjusted to 6000 lumen for a 2 minutes time (to conserve power) and 6000 lumen with Color Boost (4000K Color temp.), 3000 lumen, 1500 lumen, and Red-only “Stealth” mode. The two red LEDs alone are perfect for night dives.

The Sea Dragon 5000+ underwater photo-video light delivers up to 6000 lumens in a smooth, consistent 120° wide beam. The 90 CRI (color rendering index) COB LED simulates natural sunlight allowing the user to capture vibrant colors and sharp details in underwater photos and videos.  The color temperature can be further adjusted by activating the light’s patent pending Color Boost™ feature, which blends the rich colors made by the COB LED with additional red pigments, giving your underwater images even more color and vivid impact.

The feature control button easily switches to Easy Mode:
5000 (Lumen) Flood > 5000 Color Boost Flood > 3000 Flood > 1500 Flood > Red LEDS> Repeat

The feature control button also provides an Advanced Mode by holding the button down for 8 seconds:
5000 (Lumen) Flood > 5000 Color Boost > 6000 Flood > 6000 Color Boost > 3000 Flood > 3000 Color Boost > 1500 Flood > Red LEDS >Repeat

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