She-P Female P-Valve Attachment


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What’s new with the She-P 3.0?

The front is approx. 1 cm longer
The whole She-P has been redesigned to be softer and more comfortable
The back has a scalloped shape so it can be placed further back without covering the anus
Both sides have an anatomical design
The inside is smoother for better hygiene

Thanks to better drysuits and cylinder configurations, people are spending more time underwater. If you stay properly hydrated, there will be a time when nature will eventually call.

The She-P is designed for female divers to comfortably use a P-valve, while diving in a drysuit, instead of using diapers. It does, however, work perfectly for other sports, where peeing is not always possible for longer periods of time, like long distance car racing, gliding, kite surfing, or any other sport.

The She-P is made of soft silicone, featuring a reservoir and output tube that has flexible wings, designed to be adhered to the skin. This results in a proper seal, and comfortable urinating.

Now, you can be like one of the boys, diving longer, and being more comfortable during races, paragliding, kite surfing, and any other sport that you can’t stop to take a break!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 8 cm