WaterProof H1 5/10mm Hood


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Divers can underestimate heat loss under extreme conditions, combine this with new technologies allowing for longer dives and hypothermia can become a major problem. Waterproof created a series of accessories for their ”Polar Evoluted” accessories line to help combat hypothermia in more extreme conditions. The Waterproof H1 5/10mm hood features a 10mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glide skin seals for the neck and face. The Waterproof H1 5/10mm hood includes the unique HAVS (Hood Air Venting System) which uses one-way valves to vent annoying air buildup in the hood.


3D Shaped

Glide skin seal

HAVS system (Hood Air Venting System)

I-Span super-stretch nylon

Bonded hi-quality nylon thread


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 10 cm


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