Cressi Nano Crystal


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The Cressi Nano Crystal is a futuristic mask made for scuba diving, free diving, and spearfishing and designed to offer a very hydrodynamic and compact silhouette. The internal volume is minimal and you don’t need to purposely equalize. It combines a high level of technology with an innovative and appealing design.


100% Pure Crystal silicone – The mask created in pure Crystal silicone offers an excellent seal and improved levels of comfort even during prolonged use.

Design – Cressi Nano Crystal offers a series of technical advantages that Cressi has incorporated into various models. It combines advanced technology with an appealing design and medium-size in both the frame and silicone skirt.

Frame – The more slender frame is a single piece, without inner rims, making it very lightweight (125 g) and bringing it surprisingly close to the eyes.

Skirt – The skirt optimizes that space and reduces internal volume to just 85 cm³. The lens/eye distance has been reduced so far that face does not reach the inhalation effect.

Lenses – Angled lenses are extended by soft curved lines over the cheekbones, improving downward visibility.

Construction – Innovative construction makes possible glue-free mounting, reducing thicknesses to a minimum, and improving internal volume, visibility, and adaptability of the mask.

The buckles – The buckles are anchored to the frame for excellent mask stability. They are completely foldable and can be oriented in any direction. This makes them almost impossible to break.

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