Gear Aid Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel


A TDC Favourite, keep your mask fog free dive after dive with Sea Gold.

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De-fog with Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel, a powerful formula that lasts longer than other anti-fog treatments. It’s highly concentrated, so underwater enthusiasts can enjoy multiple dives with just one treatment. Use in any water temperature. Avid scuba divers, instructors, and professional gear testers alike agree: Sea Gold is their anti-fog treatment of choice. The thick, long lasting formula is great for students while working on mask clearing skills

Intended Use – For glass and plastic dive and scuba masks/lenses

Powerful – Rub a single drop of this concentrated formula on the inside lens and rinse for instant fog-free lenses in any water temperature

Long Lasting – Enjoy clear vision for hours; it’s effective even after multiple dives and it won’t harm silicone or rubber mask frames

Exclusions – Not for use on swim goggles or dry lenses (e.g., eyeglasses)

Tip! Use a very small amount, spread thinly and evenly. Any blobs of product on the mask lenses will make it less effective. Less is more when it comes to this defog


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